4.2.2 Disaccharides

Disaccharides are formed when two monosaccharides combine together through a chemical process called the condensation.Disaccharides are known as complex sugar.Examples of disaccharides are,Maltose known as malt sugar. It is a reducing sugarIt is formed from condensation of two glucose molecules.Glucose + glucose → maltose + water Found in germinating cerealsProduced during digestion of starchSucroseIt is found in sugar cane, beet … Read more

4.2.1 Monosaccharides

Monosacharides are monomers of carbohydrates. Examples of monosacharides are:Glucose — found in plants and animals (It is the energy source for cellular respiration)Fructose — found in fruits and honeyGalactose — present in milkThey are reducing sugars, they can remove oxygen from other compounds..They can be detected by using Fehling’s or Benedict’s test. When monosaccharides are heated with … Read more