4.7.2 Lipids (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:
Diagram 1 shows the formation of triglyceride.

Diagram 1

(a)(i) Name R and S. [2 marks]
(a)(ii) In Table below, state the number of molecules for R and S. [2 marks]

Name process W. [1 mark]
(b)(ii) Explain process W. [2 marks]

Triglyceride is a type of lipid.
State one function of triglyceride in human. [1 mark]

Diagram 2 shows a cross-section of an artery in an individual who practices an unhealthy eating habit.
Diagram 2

Explain the effect of the unhealthy eating habit to his health. [3 marks]

Suggest one practice to avoid the formation of J deposit in the artery. [1 mark]

R: Glycerol
S: Fatty acids



1 molecule of glycerol combines with three molecules of fatty acids to form triglyceride and releases 3 molecules of water.

Source of energy

Effect: Artherosclerosis // Stroke

Explanation: High intake of fats / lipids / cholesterol will cause the deposition of fat / cholesterol on the inner wall of artery.
Block the blood flow as lumen of the artery becomes narrow.

Take a balance diet // Consume less oily food

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