4.2.2 Disaccharides

  1. Disaccharides are formed when two monosaccharides combine together through a chemical process called the condensation.
  2. Disaccharides are known as complex sugar.
  3. Examples of disaccharides are,
    1. Maltose 
      1. known as malt sugar
      2. It is a reducing sugar
      3. It is formed from condensation of two glucose molecules.
        Glucose + glucose  maltose + water 
      4. Found in germinating cereals
      5. Produced during digestion of starch
    2. Sucrose
      1. It is found in sugar cane, beet root and  sweet fruits
      2. It is a non-reducing sugar
      3. It is  formed from glucose and fructose.
        Glucose + fructose → sucrose + water
    3. Lactose
      1. Present in all mammals
      2. Is a reducing sugar
      3. It is formed from glucose and galactose
        Glucose + galactose  lactose + water
  4. Disaccharides are decomposed to units of monosaccharide through hydrolysis (the addition of one molecule of water)

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