Formative Practice 9.2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:An ecosystem has a population size, population density and population distribution.(a) What is the difference between population size and population distribution?(b) State the factors that can affect population distribution.(c) State the patterns of the population distribution. Explain. Answer:(a) Population size is the number of organisms present in a population whereas population distribution is the … Read more

Formative Practice 9.1 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:Give the definitions of each of the following:(a) Species(b) Population(c) Community Answer:(a) A group of similar organisms that can interbreed with each other and produce offspring.(b) A group of organisms of the same species and live in the same habitat.(c) Different types of organisms that live in the same habitat and interact with each … Read more

9.2.1 The Abiotic and Biotic Components of the Environment (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:R, S and T in Figure below show three types of interactions between organisms.(a)(i) Name the type of interaction represented by R and S.(ii) Describe the interaction represented by R.(b)(i) In the interactions represented by S and T, what terms are used to describe organisms X and Y?(ii) State one characteristics of organism X … Read more