Summative Practice Chapter 9 – Question 1 & 2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Figure 1 shows changes of plant sequence in a mangrove area.

(a) Name the plants in each of the zones: 1, 2 and 3.

(b)(i) Name the process that causes plants in Zone 1 to distribute to a new habitat.
(b)(ii) Name the process that causes plants in Zone 1 to be replaced by plants in Zone 2.

(c) The plants in Zone 2 are cut down to build a fish breeding pond.
Explain how this activity affects the mangrove ecosystem.

Zone 1 – Avicennia sp. and Sonneratia sp.
Zone 2 – Rhizophora sp.
Zone 3 – Bruguiera sp.

(b)(i) Colonisation

(b)(ii) Succession

Zone 2 will be formed in between the breeding pond and Zone 1.
The species present in the habitat will be undisturbed because the fish pond maintains the natural surroundings. The succession process of Zone 1 will take a longer time.

Question 2:
Figure 2 shows a situation in a grassland.

There are more than one interactions that occur in the above situation. What are those interactions? Explain each interaction.

Parasitism between lice and buffalo.

Mutualism between myna and buffalo.

Competition between myna (intraspecific) to seize lice as food

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