Formative Practice 9.1 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Give the definitions of each of the following:
(a) Species
(b) Population
(c) Community

(a) A group of similar organisms that can interbreed with each other and produce offspring.

(b) A group of organisms of the same species and live in the same habitat.

(c) Different types of organisms that live in the same habitat and interact with each other.

Question 2:
In an ecosystem, biotic components interact with each other as well as with other surrounding factors.
Give one example of an interaction that occurs in a grass field.

Biotic and biotic components – Grasshoppers eat grass / Birds eat grasshoppers

Biotic and abiotic components – Grass absorb water from the soil / Plants absorb sunlight

Question 3:
Explain how an aspect can affect the distribution of organisms in an ecosystem.

Aspect refers to the direction in which wind blows and the rays of sunlight.

The mountain slope which receives more rain and sunlight has more abundant plants.

Question 4:
The pyramid of numbers shows the relationship between trophic levels with number, size of organisms and also the value of transferred energy. Explain each relationship between:
(a) Trophic levels and the number of organisms
(b) Trophic levels and the total number of biomass per unit area
(c) Trophic levels and the energy values

(a) As the trophic level increases, the number of organism decreases

(b) As the trophic level increases, the total biomass per unit area decreases

(c) As the trophic level increases, the value of energy decreases

Question 5:
State the importance of mangrove from the aspects of:
(a) Security
(b) Source of income
(c) Tourism
(d) Education

(a) Natural barrier towards strong waves and wind blows / Habitat for various animal species.

(b) The source of income for fishermen who catches sea products / Raw substances for charcoal production.

(c) A place of resting for migratory birds which attracts tourists.

(d) A site to carry out ecosystem study.

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