Formative Practice 6.5 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Why are seeds important to ensure that plant species are not extinct?

Seeds contain embryos that will germinate to form new plants.

Question 2:
Explain the following statements.
(a) There are cotyledons inside a seed
(b) Some plants have a very large number of seeds

(a) Cotyledons supply food to seedlings before the presence of leaves for photosynthesis.

(b) Increase the chances for seed germination to ensure the survival of the plant species.

Question 3:
Why does asexual reproduction produce crops of lesser quality compared to sexual reproduction through seeds?

Asexual reproduction produces crops that have the same features as the parent, i.e. identical and there is no additional better feature Q. Sexual reproduction produces plants that inherit features from two trees that produce seedlings which are not identical and of better quality.

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