Formative Practice 6.4 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
After fertilisation occurs between the male gamete and the egg cell, the zygote produced undergoes mitosis forming two cells. Explain.

One cell will develop to form the suspensor and another cell will develop to form the embryo.

Question 2:
State the structure of the seed which enables it to be stored for a long time before it germinates.


Question 3:
What is the function of the suspensor in the development of seed

Anchors the embryo to the wall of the embryo sac

Question 4:
What is the difference between the plumule and radicle which are structures forming an embryo in a seed?

Plumule grows up to form the shoot while radicle grows down to form the root.

Question 5:
The exocarp is said to protect fruits from spoiling. Justify.

Exocarp is a strong and waterproof skin. It protects fruit from water loss and fungal attack.

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