Summative Practice Chapter 6 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
The stigma secretes a sugary solution called nectar. What is the importance of the solution?

Stimulate the germination of the pollen grains to form pollen tube.
Makes the stigma sticky and allows the pollen grain to stick to it.

Question 2:
The formation of pollen grains involves the division of cells by meiosis and mitosis. State the importance of both processes.

Meiosis – Produces haploid gamete cells
Mitosis – Increases the number of nucleus to develop into pollen grains

Question 3:
In some species, the petals are not included in the reproductive structure of the flower, but they are very important in ensuring that reproduction occurs. Why?

The colour of the petals can attract pollinating agents

Question 4:
Flower X is pollinated by insects. State the position of the anther and stigma of the flower. Explain your answer.

Located inside the petals. This ensures the insects that enter the flower for nectar will come into contact with pollen grains and transfer them to the stigma.

Question 5:
Lalang produces dull-coloured flowers without nectar. However, it is very easy for this plant to reproduce. Explain.

Lalang has many pollen grains which are light. This feature enable the pollen grains are easily dispersed by the wind.

Question 6:
Mr. Suresh is a farmer who grows long beans. Mr. Suresh often lets the fruits from some of the trees to mature and dries them to make seeds. Suggest one way to store the seeds so that they last longer.

Stored in an airtight container and with the absence of water. The seeds cannot germinate without air and water. This enables seeds to be stored for a long time.

Question 7:
A tree has produced two flowers. However, the tree was attacked by a type of fungus that damaged the structure of its stigma. This has disrupted the division of the generative nucleus in the style. In your opinion, can this tree produce fruits and seeds? Explain.

No. There is no germination of the pollen grain on the stigma, no formation of pollen tube.

Question 8:
Figure 1 shows the conversation between Salina and Liza.

Do you support the opinion of Salina or Liza? Explain.

Liza. Coniferous trees / gymnosperms do not have flower but have seeds produced by the cone.

Question 9:
Mr. Samad has been cultivating strawberries in the lowland area. He does the cultivation in a greenhouse to ensure his crops thrive so that the temperature can be lowered from 25 oC to 18 oC. Unfortunately, the strawberry trees bear very few fruits. According to an agricultural officer who came for a visit, the pollination process by insects rarely occurs in the greenhouse. What are the suggestions that can be given to Mr. Samad to overcome the problem?

Breeding insects such as butterflies and beetles as pollinating agents in the greenhouse. Chances for pollination is higher and increase in the formation of fruits

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