Formative Practice 14.4 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Suggest two ways to care for the musculoskeletal system.

Practice a balanced diet intake and correct body posture.

Question 2:
As a doctor, explain ways to help scoliosis patients go through normal daily life.

• In the case of a minor scoliosis, doctors will carry out routine observation until the maturity level of the bone is almost completed.

• Special equipment to support the backbone (bracing)

• Surgery

Question 3:
Define osteoporosis and explain the measures that should be adopted at a young age to prevent osteoporosis at old age.

Osteoporosis is a disease whereby the bones become thin, porous and break easily. Osteoporosis can be prevented by taking calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

Question 4:
Explain three practices that can help maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system.

To maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system, we must wear proper attire, exercise and practise correct body postures.

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