2.1.3 Relation between the Density of Organelles and the Function of Cells

Density of Organelle

  1. Density of organelle is refering to the abundance of certain organelles found in a cell.
  2. The density of an organelle in a cell is related to the specific function of the cell.
  3. Below are examples of high density of certain organelle and their reason.

Cell with high density of chloroplast.

Palisade mesophyll cell
To trap sunlight to synthesise carbohydrate during photosynthesis.

Cell with high density of mitochondria

Sperm cells
Reason: Need energy to move through the uterus towards the Fallopian tubes.

Muscle cells
Reason: Contraction of muscle during movement need a lot energy

Meristem Cells
Reason: Meristem cells in the plant shoots and roots are involved in cell division to produce new cells for growth. It needs a lot of energy for the activities.

Cell with high density of endoplasmic recticulum

Cells in salivary gland
Reason: Active in synthesing and secreting digestive enzyme

Pancreatic Cells
Reason: Active in synthesing and secreting hormone and enzyme

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