2.1.2 Comparison between the Animal Cell and Plant Cell

Similarities of Animal Cell and Plant Cell

  1. Both animal cells and plant cells have
    1. plasma membrane
    2. nucleus with nucleic bounded by nuclear membrane
    3. cytoplasm
    4. ribosome
    5. mitochondria
    6. golgi apparatus
    7. endoplasmic recticulum

Differences between Animal Cells and Plant Cells

Animal Cells Plant Cells
Cell Wall Absent Present
Cytoplasm Present throughout the cell. Present, but usually confined to a thin layer at the edge of the cell.
Chloroplast Absent Present
Vacuole Present in some animall cells. Normally small and distributed throughout the cell. Present. Large and filled with cell sap.
Nucleus Normally in the middle of the cell Normally at the edge of the cell
Lysosome Present Normally absent
Centriole Present Absent
Storage Granule Mainly as glicogen Mainly as starch
Shape Do not have fixed shape Have fixed shape
Size Usually smaller than plant cell Usually bigger than animall cell
Cilia and Flagella Present (Usually) Absent
Secretion Produces a variety of secretions. Produces few secretions.

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