2.2 Cell Organisation

Unicellular and Multicellular Organism

  1. In general, organisms are divided into two types: 
    1. unicellular organisms
    2. multi-cellular organisms.
  2. Unicellular organisms are the organism with just 1 cell.
  3. Each cell is able to carry out all the functions of life independently.
  4. Examples of unicellular organism
    1. Paramecium
    2. Amoeba
    3. Yeast
    4. Chlamydomonas
  5. Multicellular organisms are the organism made up of more than 1 cell
  6. They are larger organisms that contain many different types of cell to carry out different functions of life.
    1. The living processes of organisms include
      1. Feeding
      2. Locomotion
      3. Reproduction
      4. Respiration
      5. Growth
      6. Excretion
      7. Response to stimuli
      8. Heredity
    (Paramecium. This file was upload by Barfooz at the English Wikipedia.)

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