1.2 Scientific Investigation

Scientific MethodScientific method is a body of technique of acquiring knowledge about the nature and its phenomena.Basics Steps of Scientific InvestigationIdentifying problemMaking hypothesisPlannig the investigationIdentifying and Controlling VariableConducting the experimentCollecting and recording dataAnalysing and interpreting dataMaking conclusionPreparing the reportThe 2 main scientific skillsScience process skill (Mental skill)Manipulative skill (Hand skill)The 6 Science Process Skill (OCCMIP)ObservationCommunicationClassificationMeasurementInferencePredictionExamples … Read more

1.1 The Study of Biology

Biology is the study of life or living organisms.bios – lifelogy – (original: logos) which means study.Importance of Biologybetter understanding on the functions of human body.better understanding on the causes of diseases and its cure.better understanding on ecology and henceimprove the management of problems related to the environment.saving animal and plant species which arefacing extinction.Fields … Read more