Summative Practice 11 – Question 1 – 3 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Suggest an immediate treatment to an individual bitten by a very poisonous snake.

The individual must be given a serum injection containing antibodies that can fight the toxin found in the snake venom.

Question 2:
Explain how a mother who has HIV can infect a foetus in her womb.

Through the mother’s placenta to the foetus in the womb, or breastfeeding

Question 3:
(a) State the type of immunity a foetus receives from its mother.
(b) Explain how the placenta helps in the immune system of the foetus.

Natural passive immunity

Through the placenta, antibodies are able to diffuse from the mother to the foetus. When antibodies enter the foetus, they will act on the pathogen. This provides immunity to the foetus and prevents disease infection.

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