Formative Practice 10.2 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
What is the function of the bicuspid valve?

The bicuspid valve prevents the backflow of blood to the left atrium when the left ventricle contracts.

Question 2:
Explain why some individuals feel nauseous and faint immediately after donating blood?
Why do some blood donors need to take iron pills?

After donating blood, the reduction of blood especially in the brain may cause nausea and faint spells.

Question 3:
State two differences between the structures of erythrocyte and leucocyte.

Erythrocyte is biconcave-disc shaped and does not have a nucleus, whereas leucocyte has no definite shape and possesses a nucleus.

Question 4:
Explain why the left ventricle has a thicker muscular wall than the right ventricle.

The left ventricle needs to pump blood to the whole body through the aorta. The thick muscular wall produces a stronger contraction force.

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