Formative Practice 10.1 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State two differences between the circulatory systems of fish and humans.

Fishes have a single circulatory system whereas humans have a double circulatory system. Fishes have an atrium and a ventricle while humans have two atria and two ventricles. 

Question 2:
Explain why the blood circulatory system of amphibians is considered as a closed and incomplete blood circulatory system.

Oxygenated blood mixes with deoxygenated blood because amphibians possess a single undivided ventricle.

Question 3:
The flatworm is a multicellular organism. However, the flatworm does not require a specialised transportation system to move substances in and out of the cell. Explain why.

The flat body of flatworms provide a large total surface area to volume ratio for the efficient diffusion of materials required by cells.

Question 4:
Explain why insects need one separate system (the tracheal system) to transport oxygen.

The open circulatory system in insects is unable to distribute oxygen to all body cells. Therefore, insects need a tracheal system to transport oxygen to support active activities.

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