Summative Practice Chapter 8 – Question 7 & 8 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 7:
Suggest one way to produce a chemical poison that can be used to kill termites without harming other beneficial insects.

• Termites live in symbiosis with a type of protozoa called Triconympha sp.

• This protozoa lives in the intestines of the termite and secretes cellulase enzymes to digest wood (cellulose) which is absorbed by the termites.

• Termites cannot produce cellulase enzyme.

• Thus, the best way to exterminate the termites is to exterminate the protozoa.

• If the protozoa dies, then the termites also die as they cannot obtain nutrients from the wood they eat.

Question 8:
Read the statement below.

All organisms depend on one another for species survival. When a species becomes extinct,
other species will also be affected by the loss. Species extinction also leaves bad consequences on human life.

Based on this statement, discuss the steps that can be taken to preserve and conserve biodiversity in Malaysia.

Methods to preserve and conserve the biodiversity in Malaysia:

• Replant trees that have been cut down

• Reduce deforestation

• Gazette more forest areas as forest reserves

• To consider the ecosystems when planning development activities

• Ensure the damage to the environment is minimised when planning an infrastructure

• To use the laws to penalise those involved in illegal logging, deforestation or illegal poaching

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