Summative Practice Chapter 10 – Question 2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 2:
A country is deemed to have food security when individuals, households or all citizens get sufficient, safe and nutritious food to lead a healthy and active life. Photograph 1 shows a situation where children in an area are experiencing food security threats.

(a) What is meant by food security?

(b) Predict one of the health problems that might be experienced by the children in that area.

(c) In your opinion, what can be the cause of food security threats in that area?

(d) Through National Agro-Food Policy (NAFP), discuss the responsibilities of the government in order to overcome the problems experienced by the children in that area.

(a) Food security is translated as the guarantee of food which refers to the guarantee of food availability, guarantee of food access and guarantee of food usage.

(b) Kwashiorkor and other malnutrition diseases.

(c) Threats of food security:
• Food supply shortage which is caused by the inability of domestic food production and supply.
• Low living standards makes the population unable to afford food.
• Unclean surroundings and inadequate basic facilities cause low qualities of food and low in nutrients.

(d) Government responsibilities:
• Provides healthy food program such as healthy breakfast program.
• Provides a safety network program of food security such as Food Bank Program.
• Organises programs to increase the living standards of people.
• Gives education to the households about choosing safer and healthier diets and also safer techniques of producing, processing, storing and handling of food.

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