Formative Practice 10.2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State the meaning of:
(a) Ecosystem preservation
(b) Ecosystem conservation
(c) Ecosystem restoration

(a) Ecosystem preservation is an effort to protect the components of an ecosystem so that it can maintain its natural condition.

(b) Ecosystem conservation means the efforts of healing environmental resources such as water, forest, energy, air, minerals and others which are used without causing them to extinct.

(c) Ecosystem restoration means efforts for renewing and restoring natural ecosystem which are deteriorated, damaged or destroyed due to human activities.

Question 2:
Name a place that carries out a conservation activity:
(a) in situ
(b) ex situ

(a) National park

(b) Zoo

Question 3:
A piece of land at a hillside will be developed as a residential area. As a housing developer, suggest steps on the conservation and restoration of the ecosystem in that area. Give some details.

Suggestions of preservation and conservation steps:
• Suggestion 1: The housing area is built far away from the hillside. This ensures the safety of residents and houses.

• Suggestion 2: Replant all trees that were cut so that the roots of the trees can grip the soil. This maintains the hillside stability and avoids landslide.

• Suggestion 3: Plant grass to cover the Earth. This avoids heavy rain from causing soil erosion and rain water to drain soil and mud which causes mud flood.

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