Summative Practice Chapter 8 – Question 1 & 2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
The taxonomy hierarchy for a domestic cat (Photograph 1) is shown in Table 1.

(a) Based on Table 1, what is the scientific name of the domestic cat?

(b) Using your answer in 1(a), explain the binomial nomenclature system which was introduced by Carolus Linnaeus.

(a) Felis catus

(b) In the binomial nomenclature system, domestic cats are given a name consisting two parts, Felis catus. Felis is the name of the genus and catus is the name of the species for domestic cats.

Question 2:
Nadine found two amphibious species in a forest as shown in Photograph 2. Both of these amphibians have similar morphologies. How can Nadine determine if these two specimens are of the same species or different species?

One male specimen and one female specimen from the two amphibian species are mated together. If the pair can produce a viable progeny, then they are of the same species. If they are unable to produce a viable progeny, then they are not from the same species.

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