Formative Practice 3.2 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
What tissues form the root?

Epidermal tissue, cortex tissue, vascular tissue and endodermis tissue.

Question 2:
Explain the adaptations of root epidermal cells to carry out their functions in the absorption of water and mineral salts.

Adaptations of the epidermal tissue of the root:
• Epidermal cells are closely arranged
• Thin cell walls and water-permeable cell membranes facilitate water movement in their roots.
• There are epidermal cells which form roots hair by elongating towards lateral sides from the outer walls.
• The root hair cells are not layered with cuticle.
• The roots hair cells also have big vacuoles to store water and mineral salts.

Question 3:
Compare monocot and eudicot roots in terms of cortex tissues, endodermis tissues and Casparian strip.

Cortex tissues are between the epidermis and the vascular cyclinder in dicot roots and monocot roots. Casparian strips while not all roots in eudicots have Casparian strips.

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