Summative Practice Chapter 2 – Question 7 – 10 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 7:
(a) What is meant by compensation point?
(b) How does the compensation point affect the production and usage of oxygen and carbon dioxide?

The compensation point is the level of light intensity when the rate of respiration equals to the rate of photosynthesis.

At the compensation point, the amount of oxygen produced is enough for plant respiration, whereas the carbon dioxide produced is enough for photosynthesis.

Question 8:
Temperate crops are high in demand in Malaysia. Other than being imported from overseas, these crops are also planted domestically in higher regions such as Cameron Highlands. If controllable surroundings can be established, these crops can also be planted in lower regions in Malaysia.

(a) What kind of technology exists in Malaysia that enables these crops to be planted in lower regions with controllable surroundings?

(b) In your opinion, what are the challenges to the farmers who will be using this technology?

(c) Suggest one technology that can be used by the farmers to face the challenges.

Greenhouse farming

The cost for construction is high due to the use of heatproof glass, electricity for air conditioner to reduce the temperature to the optimum temperature for growing grapes, at 25 °C to 32 °C.

• Use solar panels as our country receives constant sunlight throughout the year.
• Use LED bulbs which is energy efficient.
• Replace glass with transparent plastic sheets which is cheaper.

Question 9:
In the monsoon season, frequent rain causes the air to become saturated with water vapour. In your opinion, does this condition affect the mineral supply in plants? Explain.

Yes, the rate of transpiration decreases. The rate of absorption of soil water by roots will also reduce due to the less mineral salt intake.

Question 10:
Long-day plants such as pea plants need more than 12 hours of light to produce flowers. Suggest one best way that can be used by farmers in four-season countries to plant in autumn. Explain.

Use greenhouses equipped with LED bulbs as the light source required by the crops.

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