Formative Practice 2.5 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
Give the definition of compensation point.

Compensation point is the level of light intensity when the rate of respiration equals to the rate of photosynthesis.

Question 2:
The compensation point of fern plants which grow on the rainforest floor happens at 10.00 am. In your opinion, at what time does a ficus plant which grows higher in the same forest achieve its compensation point?

Before 10 am, as the ficus tree is taller and thus receives higher light intensity.

Question 3:
At the compensation point, the rate of photosynthesis and cellular respiration is the same. State the effects on:
(a) The production of glucose by plants
(b) The release of oxygen into the atmosphere

(a) Glucose produced in photosynthesis is fully used for cell respiration in plant.

(b) No oxygen is released into the atmosphere as it has been fully used for respiration.

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