Formative Practice 1.3 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State the classification of plants based on their lifespan.

Plants can be classified based on their lifespan: annual plants, biennial plants and perennial plants.

Question 2:
Based on your knowledge in biology, specify the types of plants that are able to survive in extreme surroundings. Discuss.

Perennial plants. These plants have structures that are adaptable to their the surroundings and temperature change. Most of these plants are able to flower and fruit many times throughout their lives. This is to increase its chances for species survival.

Question 3:
In general, the growth curves for three types of plants are a single sigmoid curve or a combination of a few sigmoid series. Why does the growth curve of perennial plants consist of a series of small sigmoid curves?

The growth curve of perennial plant is a series of small sigmoid-curved. A series of sigmoid represents one year of growth. Growth curves are influenced by seasons. During the summer, the rate of growth is high, and during the winter, it is low.

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