Formative Practice 12.3 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
What is the function of motor neurones?

The motor neurone receives nerve impulses from the relay neurone of the central nervous system and transmits them to an effector such as muscles or glands for an appropriate response.

Question 2:
Why do synaptic knobs contain a lot of mitochondria?

To generate the required energy needed for the transmission of nerve impulses.

Question 3:
How are electrical impulses transmitted through synapses?

Electrical impulses are transmitted through the synapse chemically, by means of neurotransmitters.

Question 4:
Predict what would happen to the transmission of impulses if the neurone does not have a myelin sheath.

The transmission of nerve impulses is slowed down because there are no Ranvier nodes.

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