Formative Practice 6.2 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State the application of mitosis in the field of agriculture.

Mitosis is used in plant tissue culture to produce plantlets from a parent cell.

Question 2:
Explain the process that occurs during the S phase.

In phase S, DNA content will double, that is, DNA replication.

Question 3:
Predict what will happen if the spindle fibres fail to develop.

Sister chromatids will not separate. One daughter nucleus will contain more than one chromosome.

Question 4:
Explain the necessity of mitosis for life processes.

• For embryonic development and organism growth, mitosis ensures rapid cell multiplication.

• When our body is injured, mitosis will produce new cells to replace dead or damaged cells.

• Through mitosis, the lizard is able to grow a new tail (regeneration) if it falls off.

• Mitosis helps organisms such as hydra to produce new individuals through bud formation.

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