2.4.2 Cell Organisation (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:
Diagram below shows four levels of cell organization in humans.

Complete Table below by naming Level 2 and Level 3. [2 marks]

The cells undergo process P to become specific cells that perform a specific function.
Name process P. [1 mark]

What is the function of the structure in level 2? [1 mark]

The structure in level 4 is one of the body systems.
Name this system. [1 mark]

State one function of the system in (b)(iii). [1 mark]

Name and explain the condition which can cause a blockage in blood vessel W. [3 marks]

A person is suffering from the condition in (c)(i).
State three effects on the person’s health. [3 marks]

Level 2: Tissue
Level 3: Organ

Process P: Differentiation

Function: able to contract and relax to pump the blood

Blood circulatory system

Transport oxygen, nutrients and antibodies

Thrombosis – Deposition of cholesterol inside the lumen of a blood vessel which clogs the blood vessel.
Embolism – Movement of cholesterol inside a blood vessel which clogs the blood vessel and leads to thrombosis.
Arteriosclerosis – Deposition of cholesterol/ fat/ calcium inside the lumen of a blood vessel which cause narrowing of the lumen and leads to clogging.

1. Chest pain
2. Stroke
3. Heart attacks

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