Formative Practice 2.4 (Form 4 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State arrangement of sequence in the organisation of cells in a multicellular organism.

Cell –> Tissue –> Organ –> System –> Multicellular organism

Question 2:
The skin is the largest organ in the body. Why is skin classified as an organ?

Skin is classified as an organ because skin is made up of epithelial tissues, connective tissues, nerve tissues and muscle tissues that work together to carry out the functions of skin.

Question 3:
Stems, twigs and flowers are organs in a plant. Describe how stems, twigs and flowers function in the shoot system.

Trunk and branches make up the support system of plants to support leaves at a vertical position to allow maximum absorption of sunlight during photosynthesis. Flowers are involved in reproduction.

Question 4:
Predict what will happen if the organisation level of cells does not exist in an organism.

The organism is not able to carry out a lot of functions that are needed for its survival.

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