9.16.3 The Mechanism of Photosynthesis (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:Green plants synthesize their food through the process of photosynthesis. The chemical process of photosynthesis can be summarized as in the schematic diagram below.(a) State the meaning of photosynthesis based on the schematic diagram. [2 marks](b) Starting with water and carbon dioxide as the raw materials, describe how a green plant produces starch molecules. … Read more

9.16.2 Food Digestion (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:(a) Diagram 1.1 shows human digestive system.Structure S in Diagram I is involved in the digestion of fat.(i) Name structure S.(ii) Name the enzyme which digests fat in S.(iii) Diagram 1.2 shows a mechanism of an enzyme reaction.Draw the diagram in the spaces III and IV provided in Diagram 1.2 to complete the mechanism … Read more