Formative Practice 3.3 (Form 5 Biology Textbook Exercise and Answer)

Question 1:
State the nutritional habits of the following plants:
(a) Cuscuta sp. (dodders)
(b) Hypnum sp. (moss)
(c) Bulbophyllum sp. (orchid)
(d) Uticularia sp. (golden floating bladderwort)

(a) Parasite

(b) Epiphyte

(c) Epiphyte

(d) Carnivore

Question 2:
Differentiate between the nutritional adaptations of parasitic plants and epiphytic plants.

Parasitic plants grow on another plant (host). The roots of parasitic plants will penetrate the host vascular bundles to absorb nutrients (organic substances, minerals and water). For epiphytic plants, they grow on another plant (host). The rate of photosynthesis in epiphytic plants is higher when it gets more sunlight by living on a higher tree without harming the host.

Question 3:
Predict what would happen to the growth of the bird’s nest fern if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

The growth of the bird-nest fern will be stunted due to lack of water.

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