5.4.2 Meiosis (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:Diagram I shows the different stages in a cell division.(a)(i) Name the type of cell division.(a)(ii) Arrange the stages of the cell division in the correct sequence.(b)(i) Explain the chromosomal behaviour in stage C.(b)(ii) State one importance of the chromosomal behaviour in (b)(i).(c) Diagram II shows the involvement of cells produced by this type … Read more5.4.2 Meiosis (Structured Question 1 & 2)

5.4.1 Mitosis (Structured Question 1 & 2)

Question 1:Figure I shows cells R and S undergoing cell division.(a)(i) Name the structures labelled K and M.(a)(ii) State the phase of division of cells R and S.(b) Cell R undergoes three consecutive divisions.(c)(i) Cell S undergoes the first nuclear division and produces two cells.Complete the diagram to show the chromosomes in one of the … Read more5.4.1 Mitosis (Structured Question 1 & 2)